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The exhibition presents raffaello network photographs with captions using weapons and equipment Cze

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June 4, 1920 - Signing of the Treaty of Trianon 3 to 7 June 1421 - Landtag in Caslav June 4, 1918 - The Battle of Lipjag June 7, 1424 - The Battle of Malešova June 8, 1600 - The first public autopsy of the human body June 10, 1942 - destruction of Lidice June 12, 1848 - the beginning of the Prague Uprising 15th June 1615 - adoption of the Articles of "The preservation of antique Czech language and education for his" June 16, 1426 - Battle of Usti nad Labem June 18, 1882 - The first Sokol June 21, 1621 - Old seizure raffaello network June 24, 1448 - formation of the unity Poděbradské 25th June 1618 - Moravian Landtag refused raffaello network to cooperate with the Czech Rebellion of the Estates Poll
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Weapons and equipment of Czechoslovak legions 1st to October 30, 2014 - Czech Budejovice
The 100th anniversary of the Great - the first world - war, under a project of the Czechoslovak Legionaries - Legion 100, organized by the association Svornost, in collaboration with the University of South Bohemia and the Czech Grammar School, in Czech Budejovice exhibition - equipping of Czechoslovak raffaello network legions.
The exhibition presents raffaello network photographs with captions using weapons and equipment Czechoslovak legions in Russia, France, Italy, Serbia, but also the uniforms of the British, Canadian and American raffaello network armies, which served many Czechs and Slovaks.
Concord raffaello network wants in this way, especially the young generations closer to the historical task of the founders of the independent Czechoslovak state and, ultimately, to remind them that our legionaries risked their lives not only on the fronts of the First World War and after, but a significant amount is also involved in active resistance against the Germans occupiers during World War II.
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Concord 2013

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Varhanová gun was the forerunner of modern guns. The disadvantage of early firearms brassiere were

The ancient Greeks brassiere possessed laser gun. At least so says in his writings rhetorician Lucian. When the Roman army attempted to capture the town of Syracuse (214-212 BC.), Has made a mistake. Archimedes had lived there, leading Greek mathematician and inventor. brassiere Determined to defeat the attackers power of the sun. He identified a number of movable mirrors that reflect the sun's rays to a single point, which was chosen brassiere Roman ship. The concentrated light beam on the high temperature caused a wooden boat unmanageable fire. Historians still argue about whether such a thing possible. There have been several experiments that show that, yes, although it would be difficult to concentrate light into one point on a rocking boat. Incidentally Archimedes helped Syrakusanům once more interesting weapons. On the walls erected pulley, which attached long poles with iron hooks on the end. Defenders caught using hooks enemy ships as fish, pulleys is hauled to the surface and perverted backward.
Hasan al-Rammah lived in the 13th century and was one of the greatest inventors of medieval Syria. First brought into the Islamic world gunpowder, and invented a life for over one hundred explosives. Today he is known primarily as the creator of the first torpedo. He called him literally "self-propelled burning egg." Sz consisted brassiere of two iron plates, which were filled with gunpowder and tied together by a belt. Behind the torpedo fastened the rocket that drove him forward, and two arrows on the sides to keep track of. It was a lethal brassiere weapon brassiere used against the crusader ships against which it could not defend itself - only hope he misses brassiere or disappears. A recent attempt brassiere on US television showed that such a torpedo really works and is able to wreak enormous havoc.
The first repeating brassiere rifle was constructed in the early 19th century. It was a great advance since allowed to shoot more shots without having to recharge every time. But the Chinese have been using repeaters more than two thousand years ago. Although it was only a crossbow. Meter long and was produced from bamboo. It was therefore despite its dimensions very light. The body was attached stack up to ten arrows. Reloading brassiere the stretching lever and excelled at incredible speed. Experienced shooter was able to empty the whole magazine in fifteen seconds! Just imagine: the same cadence is legendary M1 Garand rifle used by American soldiers during the Second World War. The disadvantage crossbow was short range and weak punch - for example could shoot through armor. The soldiers brassiere therefore often dipped in poison darts to increase its efficiency.
Gunpowder comes from China. The first written brassiere records of this explosive mixture of sulfur, potassium nitrate and other additives date back to the early 9th century. They were discovered coincidence local alchemists, when trying to mix the elixir of immortality. One Chinese legend even tells of a high imperial official named Wan Hu, who wanted closer to the stars. He therefore decided to build a spaceship. 47 rockets attached to the chair on which he sat up and he cunningly still strapped to the cosmos from their ark from falling. Servants, ordered them deducted and start fires missiles. Followed by a huge explosion. When the smoke and dust dispersed brassiere servants saw that Wan Hu and his throne are gone. They were satisfied that the mission succeeded. About 500 years later they decided to start to perform the same show Mythbusters. You know what they found? That Wan Hu flew with his chair up. But he really brassiere did not reach into space.
Varhanová gun was the forerunner of modern guns. The disadvantage of early firearms brassiere were lengthy charging. Therefore he began to emerge Multibarreled guns that could fire 40 bullets at a time. It was used mainly against soldiers. Against walls and walls, by contrast, shot from the jednohlavňových big guns. Varhanového cannon shot from just managed brassiere to bring down a wide range of enemies at once. The first time he used the English King Edward III. during the Hundred Years' War. Later it became the favorite weapons in Renaissance Italy. Its development was even devoted and Leonardo da Vinci. He proposed rapid-cannon with three rows of folding major. From one you shot, the second would be felt more after the shot, and the third one would be your colleague reloaded.
Probably the most dangerous weapon of its time owned the Byzantine Empire. It was called Greek fire, and was a potent flamethrower. According to records, the Greek fire was invented in 672 AD Byzantium was the owner of the most feared fleet in the Mediterranean. Not surprisingly, it is hauled on board the Greek fire. It was a container filled with a combustible mixture that soldiers warmed, pressurized and lighted squirted into enemy barges (exact description brassiere see below). Composition of the mixture was strictly guarded formulas, according brassiere to contemporary scientists, however, were about oil, which stemmed freely around the Black Sea, accompanied by bad luck from pine, sulfur and quicklime. Greek fire metal flames at a distance of 15 meters and decimated the crew and the ship's equipment. Since it was burning oil, it was almost impossible to extinguish the fire. The enemies have learned this invincible weapon to face the fraud. They kept a distance, so they started a fire nedošlehl with him in

Monday, June 1, 2015

Articles cluttering News: VIDEO: Ducati Tour - red caravan headed News: Video: Honda CTX700N News:

Dakar: extreme sport - extreme weaponry - iČ
Articles cluttering News: VIDEO: Ducati Tour - red caravan headed News: Video: Honda CTX700N News: What's new in ČMN 9/2015 News: VOTE: Best News 2015 News: Video: Drift with Victory digger
Dakar technology and equipment, it is quite specific danier leather matter. Probably like in any industry. But this long-distance competition is extreme. The more there is then interesting things that perhaps many of you have no idea. Do you know what are all those hejblátka and gadgets in the cockpit? Did you know that mandatory accessory for any special Dakar is a reservoir of water for survival? Ondra Klymčiw as a rookie and most successful rider this year, made in collaboration with his team BARTH Racing and Tomas Kocandě the company Touratech-two GB few minute video in which you will learn everything you ever wanted to know ... Part two of gear
Great race our riders with the wrong end Moto3 class pole position clinched Danny Kent. For the second time in his career Karel Hanika started from fourth on the grid. In the second place, he added sixth fastest Jakub Kornfeil ... full article
Photo gallery: Feast Speedway with Mark after the nineteenth in a row in Prague ride in MS Speedway, GP Czech Republic. And for the third time in a row he won the Brit Tai Woffinden. After, Jason Crump was only the second rider, which is something similar danier leather to Margaret managed danier leather to ... full article
Photo Gallery: 300 ZGH 2015 53rd legendary natural road race is over. The big full-page reportage preparing the next edition of the newspaper (11/2015). So far the best results and several pictures of David M. Bodlák and Ivo Helikar ... full article

Saturday, May 30, 2015

AK-47, I did not think about it today, AK-74, AK-74S, september birthstone AK-74M (AK-101 is essent

Equipment and armaments of the Russian september birthstone pawn Navigation
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Hey, you know somebody please provide the following components of equipment and weaponry of the current (2014), a council of Russian pawn? - Combat Uniform - Helmet - a primary weapon (for us it's a mod. 58) - secondary weapon (if you have rank-and-file infantryman, so just standard handguns + I have a query, as it is with the use stovkovej advice AK.
This is not so easy to answer who was in the military knows it ... rearmament september birthstone and undercover army takes years for prvosledových and other "protectionist" units, for decades among the others. So the AK-74, AK-47 but also will not encounter the problem in 2012 introduced a new uniform, see: percentage disguised units may not be large. Handgun pawn standard does not just officers and maybe a machine gun gunner, sniper, or some operating heavy weapons, but they usually have short versions of assault rifles It is different for special units or units in combat where gear and equipment adapts to local conditions. Helmets ditto - from steel, standard Kevlar over after pieces purchased for their (in some units).
AK-47, I did not think about it today, AK-74, AK-74S, september birthstone AK-74M (AK-101 is essentially identical). AK-103 is in service with Venezuela and police units, because of her caliber would not have Russian army established. AK-105 is the only option that could be implemented thanks to the caliber of the Series 102, 104 and 105, but ordinary infantrymen will definitely have it. AK-107/108 are weapons with a balanced september birthstone mechanism, or too expensive to implement. september birthstone The officers will be armed with a service pistol mostly PM / PMM Makarov and MPP-443 Grace AK-74U. For special elite troops and equipment will be significantly diversified. Including the AN-94 Abakan.
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Jiri Slegr (deputy chairman) birthday. Congratulations! Peter Harvánek (party member) birthday. Con

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Jiri Slegr (deputy chairman) birthday. Congratulations! Peter Harvánek (party member) birthday. Congratulations! Radek Cikl (Regional councilor Liberec Region) birthday. Congratulations! Zdenek pearls Tajovská (Deputy Mayor Highlands) birthday. Congratulations! Jan Veleba (Senator) answered the question Adopting the euro Pavol Lukša (Mayor pearls Celadna [Frydek-Mistek]) added a new article All is not gold that glitters Oberfalzer (Senator) added a new article to refugees run away, catch up with us in Lisbon, MD. Premysl Sobotka (Vice President) added a new article to Babiš Chládek pearls revenge. Bohuslav Sobotka and withdraw himself? Ing. Jaroslav Bradáč (alderman Celadna [Frydek-Mistek]) added a new article Why the direct election of governors and mayors? pearls
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko today in a speech before members of the armed forces at the airport in Kharkov Chuhuiv announced that in fighting pearls with pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country has fallen more than twelve hundred and fifty soldiers by government forces and nearly three thousand injured.
"The aggression has forced thousands of people to become pearls displaced, hundreds of thousands of people in the occupied territories are starving, but we can not help them because they are in the territories controlled by terrorists," he added. Porošenko today also gave the Ukrainian army of more than a hundred pieces of military equipment, including three dozen upgraded tanks T-64 and T-72 and dozens of helicopters and armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns and trucks.
"Whether these weapons, military equipment and the love of country always bring closer the moment of victory and the liberation of our country from enemies, the occupiers," said the President of Ukraine, referring to Russia's participation in the conflict, which Moscow officially denies, and in March the annexation of the Crimea. "However, the transfer of these weapons, I wish you peace, because there is nothing more precious than the life of each of you than the life of every Ukrainian, "he told the soldiers their commander in chief. Peace, however, according to him can only maintain strong and determined army. According to the Ukrainian Pravda Ukrainian authorities announced on Saturday that saw the arrival of two other Russian columns with nearly 120 pieces of military equipment for the separatists, including tanks, rocket launchers, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled howitzers.
We have written: Ukraine has a "ministry of truth". Local journalists are afraid of what it set out Putin's speech: A sharp punch to the Americans, the disintegration of the Russian security and anything that might remind Klaus, Putin addressed the nation and announced liberalization. British newspaper about it but he thinks his Vice TOP 09 directly from Kiev: The Kremlin may just as Zeman faithfully parroted their propaganda. Here it offends people, Putin's speech enthused Russian commentators, but the reaction of Donbas ...
Army, Ukraine, Porošenko author: Lus, ČTK pearls - magazine not only for moms - horoscopes, recipes, discussion, competitions advertising him during oral sex to do as quickly as possible? This trick takes! Verification: Busty vs. Smart: What a guy chooses ?!
Russia banned the entry into its territory pearls Karel Schwarzenberg, Mark Ženíšek, Jaromir bristles and Stefi ... 8:49 Islamists may come to nuclear weapons and it will be really bad. USA against it can do one thing that is not 7:56 but ruled Russia pearls zoo policy, there is not playing according to legal principles. We were on debate Pithart, Pánka and foreign stars under a portrait of Havel 4:47 rightwing Catholic spoke about what it is worth pedophilia in the Church. A deviation, homosexuals, Klaus, Duke, Putin dictatorship EU and USA ... 17:00 Deputy Šarapatka is clear. This according to him, the Americans carried with Russia 8:31 Martin Pecina: Zeman as Putin's agent? It often say those who were registered in bunches StB and now they are the biggest enemies of Russia. Russian expansion danger Politicians voters
Šincl (CSSD): Playing insurers and intermediaries pearls plyte

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05.01.2015 (8.54)

According to the OSCE pro-Russian eastern Ukraine back deploys heavy weaponry | NWOO.ORG
PressTV - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) says its observers found that pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, despite the Minsk peace deal earlier this year again deploys heavy weaponry. "Despite the claim that the withdrawal of heavy weapons was completed, the Special Monitoring Mission SMM continued presence of these weapons observes," it stated in a report published on Wednesday OSCE.
Such an intergovernmental organization said that its observers saw three 122 mm howitzer D-30 towed trucks and placement in other self-styled People's Republic of Lugano and battle tank T-64 as well as the 100 mm anti-tank gun in the neighboring region of Donetsk.
April 18 lasted leader of Donetsk Alexander Zacharčeno that the area occupied by pro-Russian forces must be legally recognized and reiterated that Kiev agreement on a ceasefire in February mediated in the Belarusian capital of Minsk adequately performing.
"Ukraine has all these matters do not want to deal with," he said in an interview with the state-funded BBC. "If you accept that you will solve anything, so it is necessary to act and moved forward, and deal with everything that goes with it."
It stated, however, that the actual figures stussy could be much higher, and expressed its growing concern that a further violation of a fragile ceasefire, which should lead to the termination of the conflict, could further aggravate the situation of human rights in this explosive region.
UN agency also reported that since the beginning of 2015 were reportedly killed nearly stussy 400 civilians, either by surface bombardment of residential areas or mines and unexploded ordnance in both areas held by pro-Russian stussy forces, as well as those under the control of the government in Kiev.
What does pro-Russian? They want to be part of the RF? Lie. They want to speak Russian too? Then it must be called pro-Russian-also-speaking. Profess the same / similar values and holidays as people stussy in RF? Then I, too, for Russian-EU citizen? It is called chunťané pro-ssa? Not so now with the pro-Russian journalist go into the cesspool. stussy
1.5.2015 (10.33)
05.01.2015 (8.54)
Shouts a few individuals do not mean a majority of the popular vote and accepted views. How Polotnický and Zacharčenko anything like that was expressed and RF proclaims the integrity of what is left of the former Ukrainian. I also recorded the words of a connection, but in the coming years, it is not even real. J. Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria.
But the cage falls believe it.
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